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Take a look at UCLA & Team Canada Player Daenan Gyimah before & after our vertical jump program

Coach Brian Singh

Brian Singh, founder of Nemesis Sports, has been training athletes to jump higher for 10+ years. He's trained some of the top jumpers in North America who have gone on to play University and Professional. Through years of research he's identified 3 important aspects of vertical jump training and have implemented them in thousands of athletes. He's traveled to different countries implementing his program and is considered one of those most knowledgeable people on the planet on vertical jump training. More recently known as the Online Volleyball Expert, coach Brian has taken his volleyball coaching knowledge and created an online training experience. With over 10+ years as a competitive coach and also currently coaching in college, he brings a ton of knowledge and insight from the volleyball world. With the combination of vertical jump training and volleyball, athletes receive the ultimate education and coaching.