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Take a look at UCLA & Team Canada Player Daenan Gyimah before & after our vertical jump program

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“Coach B took me from a 20 inch vertical to over 40 inches. He taught me how to jump and did it with pure science. I still apply all his fundamentals today when I'm on the court and it gives me a huge advantage. I can honestly say that without his training I wouldn't be able to jump this high today. Its the reason I can compete on a world level. It's what sets me apart. ”

Daenan "Kofi" Gyimah - UCLA & Team Canada Volleyball Player

“Coach Brian is an amazing coach, mentor and person. In my training experiences with him, he highlighted the importance of jump technique before prescribing any weight training so that I established a solid foundation of jump skills before increasing my power. I am definitely a better athlete now than I was before working with him”

Taryq Sani - University of Alberta Volleyball Player

“Growing up as a kid, I played volleyball for fun. Never would have thought of playing rep volleyball and end up competing at the college level. Thanks to coach Brian, he developed me to be one of the highest flyers in the league and a top college athlete. His vertical jump training made me jump through the roof. I went from 25 inch vert to a 40 inch vert by the end of his training. One of the best coaches ever!”

Avi Juvarajan - College Volleyball Player

“Coach Brian is a great coach who makes understanding the concepts of maximizing your vertical jump easy to understand and applicable. He provides great drills to improve strength and breaks down each phase of the jump to make your technique seamless and efficient. Coach Brian provides a very enjoyable and comfortable experience that I still apply now to supplement my team workouts!”

Adam Lu - University of Toronto Volleyball Player

What you'll learn

This online program features:

  • Phase 1: Technique

    Learn the 4 fundamentals to increase your vertical jump right away. Gain up to 4-6 inches without lifting any weights. In this phase, you'll also learn how to understand angles to maximize your vertical.

  • Phase 2: Strength Training

    Learn how to properly strength train for vertical jump training. Whether you have access to a gym or not, there are exercises you can do at home or at the gym.

  • Phase 3: Plyometrics

    Learn the top jumping exercises that has helped our athletes jump higher very quickly. You can do these exercises at home or at the gym.

  • Nutrition

    Learn the science behind nutrition and dieting to see results faster. This section shows you the process of how to diet and the type of diet we have put our athletes on. Applying nutrition can easily gain you inches in your vertical within a couple of weeks.

  • Bonus Section: Vertical Jump Secrets

    As an added bonus, learn the secret formula that we have used to ensure our athletes see results as fast as possible

Watch Intro Video

UofA Volleyball Player Taryq Sani with over a 45" Vertical

Watch Intro Video

York University Volleyball Player Andrew Tauhid before & after our vertical Jump program

Watch Intro Video

Former Seneca College Volleyball Player Avi Juvarajan (5'8") before & after our Vertical Jump Program

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  • Phase 1 - $150 Value

  • Phase 2 - $150 Value

  • Phase 3 - $150 Value

  • Nutrition Phase - $150 Value

  • Total Value of Program: $600 Value

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  • How do I access the vertical jump program?

    When you sign up you'll create an account by put your e-mail and password. After you've completed your purchase, you can sign in using those same credentials and you'll have full access to the program.

  • Can I access the program on my cell phone?

    Absolutely! You go to as you would on a computer and log in the same way.

  • Can I do the program at home?

    Yes! All exercises have options that you can do in the comfort of your home.